What is the race date for 2023?
The race will be held on September 10, 2023.

How can I register for the 2023 race?
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Registration will open on March 1, 2023, for the September 10, 2023 event.

Will race shirts be available?
In order to keep our registration fees low, we have opted to remove the included shirt and offer it for sale to those who wish to purchase one. Shirts are for sale for $20 at time of registration only and must be picked up at the registration table.

When does registration close?
Following the closure of online registration a few days before the race, you can still register in person during package pickup times and on race day until 1/2 hour prior to your race start time. 

How far is a half marathon?
21.0975 kilometres or 13.1 miles

Is there a start time for slower runners and walkers of the 21km?
Yes, this is specifically for 21K walkers and runners who will not complete the race in less than 3.5 hours. Please respect the time commitment of our water station and marshal volunteers by choosing the early start time.

What are the race start times?
7:30am early start time for runners who will take longer than 3.5 hours to complete the 21K race
8:30am 21K start
8:45am 10K start
9:00am 5K start

What is the cost of the races?
21K $70; 10K $50; 5K $25
Sorry, there are No Refunds for transferring to a lower cost run or for no shows. All proceeds from this event are donated to local not-for-profit groups. Consider your change to be a donation to these worthy causes.

Race package pickup.

Locals are to pick up their race package on Friday or Saturday. Only Out of Towners are allowed to pick up race packages on Sunday.

Midland Community Hall
2011 – 1 Ave. NW
Drumheller, AB

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On the Friday prior to race day 3:00pm – 6:00pm
On the Saturday prior to race day 12:00pm – 4:00pm
On Sunday (race day) 6:30am until 30 minutes before your race begins

I’m injured – can I get my money back?
No, sorry, there are no refunds but you can transfer to a shorter distance to reduce your chance of injury. There are no refunds for transferring to a lower event.

Can I take my child in a stroller?
Strollers are permitted on the 5K race only.

May I run or walk with my dog?
Sorry, no dogs are allowed.

Can I walk instead of run?
Yes, you may walk in all events but if you plan to walk in the 21K, please use the early start time of 7:30am or you will not finish in the required time of less than 3.5 hours.

Is there a separate walking half marathon?

Can I ride my bike?
No, for safety reasons, no bikes are permitted.

Are there course markers?
Yes, there will be a marker each kilometer along all routes.

Will there be water stations?
Yes, please reference each course map to see the location of aid stations.
Remember to vote for your favorite water station after the run - a highly contended award in our volunteer community!

Can I wear my headphones/iPod during the race?
Yes, although we ask that you remove the headset when running on downtown streets. Runners share the roadway with traffic for part of the race and it can be very dangerous to wear a headset as it tends to isolate the runner from his/her environment.

Where do the races start and finish?
All runs start and finish at the Midland Community Hall- 2011 - 1st Avenue N.W.

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Are there shower facilities near the race location?
Yes, at the BCF and the Aquaplex that is located beneath the World’s Largest Dinosaur. There is a $2 charge for the use of the facilities.

Where are the best locations to watch the race from?
There will be viewing locations along the route. Care should be taken to avoid traffic congestion and to ensure safety for all participants and road users.

How will I get my results?
Following the event, race results will be posted on our web site.

Do all finishers receive medals?
All participants will receive a finisher’s medal.
First, second, and third place medals will be awarded for males and females in all age categories, except in the 5K race.

Will there be port-a-potties located throughout the race route?
Yes, please reference each course map to see the location of port-a-potties.

Will the race be chip timed?
Yes, the race will be chip timed. Your bib contains a timing chip so protect it from damage prior to the race. The bib is to be worn on your front.

Is this an official race?
The half marathon and 10K have been certified by Athletics Canada. The 5K is a little short and only measured with a handheld GPS unit.

Is there on-site parking?
Yes, there is free parking; however, parking is limited and runners are encouraged to car pool to the site.

What is the weather like in Drumheller on race day?
In the race’s multi-year history, our starting temperatures have been 5 – 10 degrees C and in no year has the 10K or ½ marathon exceeded 20 degrees prior to the end of the event. The only wet year was 2015 when it drizzled for a couple of hours.

Are there many hills on the courses?
The 5K is essentially flat; the 10K & 21K have some short hills in the Museum area.